Known Issue: Cannot Accept Terms (Form Cache Requires Refresh)

There is a known issue resulting from a recent update where the Accept Terms & Conditions form does not function as expected. Partners are advised to compete a browser reload by pressing CTRL + F5 when viewing Wise-Pay. This will ensure that the form is reloaded and the terms can be accepted. 

For further information on the new features, refer to the Feature Release Webinar Link.

Known Issue: Unable to Create Secure Connection (ConnectWise 'GetClientToken' returned an error: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.)

There is a known issue resulting from a recent ConnectWise Update, which now requires all ConnectWise Servers to communicate over TLS1.2, this change will only affecting On Premise partners running v2018.1, who have not addressed the SSL requirements as per the ConnectWise Security Bulliten from April 2016.  

For further information and steps to remediate , please view the Knowledge Base.

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